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Lion Tattoo | Tattoos for Men | Religious Tattoo

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This tattoo was done by our tattoo artist Aditya Panchu at Hart tattoo Studio in Mumbai, India.

A roar of a lion shivers the jungle, spine chilling, such is the power of the King. Thus this Lion tattoo portrays power, elegance and love. Along with the name of our client’s daughter “Jaashritha” in a beautiful tattoo font. As you see, many elements like ‘ Trishul and Om Namah Shivay’, the most powerful elements of the most powerful god ‘Lord Shiva’ also making it a stunning religious tattoo design for men. Thanks, Mr Rohit Saxena for letting us do this, It was a pleasure. Originally done on Arm this tattoo surely is a head turner.

On top of that, this tattoo is very special for the client. Including the dedication to show love his daughter through this beautiful tattoo design.