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Professional Piercing Services At Hart Tattoos & Art Studio.


High Quality Body Piercings

& Body Modification.

Indian Culture approves of Body Piercings specially, ear piercings and nose piercings. In Fact, according to indian culture most of the Goddesses wears jewellery. Though, some of the piercings was brought to india from middle east, our modern culture have started adopting the new kind of piercings. Seeing the popularity of body piercings in the youth such as  Nose Piercing, Ear Piercing, Belly Piercing, Eye Brow Piercing, Lip Piercing, etc. We introduced this art form in Hart Tattoos and Art Studio in Chembur| Mumbai| India.

With the beautification through piercings we also have to understand the safety, hygiene, and proper techniques involved while getting a piercing done. Our Piercing Artist delivers and performs what’s best out of the best. We don’t do Gun Shot piercing as its not safe. The Piercings performed in our studio are only done by the best sterile equipments, made for Piercing purpose only!